I knew from my 2nd year of hairdressing that I wanted my own space to create freely.

Owning my own salon had always been a dream of mine, I knew from my 2nd year of hairdressing that I wanted my own space to create freely. 

My hair journey started back in 2011, while I was still in high school. I started my very first hairdressing job one day a week I instantly knew I wanted to do it forever! I don’t know how I knew but I just knew, I made it my mission to get qualified and become a sponge and take in as much knowledge as possible; And that I did!

I am a creative colourist and a blonde and hair extensions specialist!


(hair by Sarah Laffan  @hbsl.co)

Unfortunately I had a very rough apprenticeship I had to endure many awful workplaces with some awful people but I honestly am so glad  I went through it, because it gave me the perfect template of how I would run my future salon, I would never repeat the poor things done to me by horrible employers. 

..It empowered me to go out on my own as soon as I got the chance! 

I opened my home salon full time in March 2020! It could possibly be the worst time to open a small business but I took the risk and it has paid off! 

@hbsl.co home salon

(hair by Sarah Laffan home salon @hbsl.co, featuring the HBS Basin)

I have the most amazing clientele who I consider all very close friends of mine now, I would never have been able to create the hair I do now if it weren’t for opening my own salon. Within other salons I felt very rushed and we all know the saying you can’t rush art! And that’s just what hair is. ART. 

I purchased the HBS basin and I had everything I needed to have a gorgeous home salon. I cannot wait to one day expand into a larger space and create even more magic wth a team 


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