This simple formula would achieve me my income goal of $2,500 per week as Home hairstylist.

I had my salon and I was eager to start building my client list but I was only weeks out of my apprenticeship and because of this I believed my skills needed improvement & my prices needed to match that,

so I started humble with my pricing and as my skills grew I knew my prices could too. I spent what feels like a full 24hrs staring at the Vista Print website piecing together my salon price list on a brochure, this would be my first bit of marketing to introduce my home salon. I think I ran through every brochure layout vista print had available, every font, every colour, I wanted everything to be perfect including my prices!

After watching every hair video on YouTube, several doll heads, a steady run of new clients and a few months of running my Home Salon business, I knew it was time to re visit my price list.

Working out your price value is the strangest feeling, imposter syndrome really kicked in for me here. Changing my mindset from valuing myself at $20 an hr as a senior, to now be charging full services and taking home 100% the profit really took my mind a moment to process, I couldn’t believe it was me doing this and now I had to increase my prices to reflect the value of my new growth, yep this mentally took me a second.

..Changing my mindset from valuing myself at $20 an hr as a senior, to now be charging full services

I had designed my previous price lists with 2 foil and 2 tint packages where everything that the clients hair would need were included in them, no extras cost at the check out. This built trust with my clients from the beginning, they knew the 4 different price options and never had to fear of it ever being to expensive to get their hair done, I liked that and knew I wanted to stick with this system.

After being open for a few months already, I knew what all my expenses were per client and how long each client needed, with this data and my new prices all I needed to do was build and schedule a clientele list that would achieve my weekly income goal of $2,500 a week.

I knew I could do time wise & physically 2 full clients a day and with my new packages that would be $220 each. That meant all I needed was 12 clients per week split up into 2 clients a day. This simple formula would achieve me my income goal of $2,500 per week as Home hair salon owner.

Photo of portable HBS Basin, for more info click here

It took a few month but with word of mouth, social media and my network of friends + community I had done it, my accountant was proud and so was I. 

Looking back, taking everything slow and laying each brick of my business with time and thought, allowed my Home Salon business to grow finically without me ever feeling like I was out of my depth.

2 questions for you to consider as a hairstylist:

  1. Are you currently doing 2 clients a day, 5 days a week? but for an hourly rate?
  2. As a hair stylist would you rather be valved at an hourly rate or valued at the service you and your skills provided?
Written by – Rebecca Michelle @homebasedsalons
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