A Portable shampoo basin that turns any space into a professional salon without any commitment to plumbing or renovations.

The HBS basin is an easy to use portable basin system that provides 10 minutes of pressurised water flow while only using 25L of water and requires NO plumbing & NO renovations.
All our basins are custom built by qualified cabinet makers and arrive to your door fully assembled.

How to set up:

Fill the 25L water supply at the desired temperature, insert & connect.
Insert waste container under the drain & turn the tap on to pressurise.

How it works

The 25L water supply will provide 10 minutes of pressurised water. Once the water supply has finished you simply empty the waste and refill water supply at the temperature needed.

The HBS Portable shampoo basin

The portability and durability of the HBS Basin allows for it to be used in many environments.

Home Stylists

Designed specifically with the home stylist in mind.

A professional salon basin without the need to be permanently fitted to suit every home salon space.

Training & Education Services

Set up and change classrooms to suit class schedules, save on water usage and maintenance costs.

Hairdressing Expos & Seminars

Demonstrate your company products at the Expo. Host your next seminar or tutorial demonstration at the venue of your choice.

Fashion & Formal Events

Offer your client a more personalised experience at their next event by providing an onsite Hair Salon

The HBS Basin, A simple portable basin system to suit any salon space.



How do I fill the water supply?

Fill the water supply with water at the desired temperature for your service, Do not exceed 40° as this will lead to discomfort for your clients.

How many clients can I service with a full water supply?

The HBS Basin water supply should be refilled before each client and waste container should be emptied after each client.

1x water suppy = 1x client

1x waste container = 1x client

How to maintain The HBS Basin?

The HBS Basin should be cleaned after every client to ensure the longevity of the basin.

How does the basin work?

The HBS Basin is a self-contained portable shampoo basin with its own water supply and waste storage. Combined with a powerful constant pressure pump and shower head to provide a pressurised water supply that will effortlessly wash & rinse your client’s hair.

How is The HBS Basin Shipped?

The HBS portable Basin is shipped fully assembled Australia wide.

How long Will delivery take?

Once full payment is made, allow between 2-4 weeks for delivery. Delivery time may vary depending on material and product availability.


Home-based salons offer the Goods and Services of The HBS Basin for one simple payment of $3300.00 including GST & Delivery. ORDER NOW

The price includes:

  • The HBS Basin
  • Delivery to your home
  • GST