The HBS Portable Hairdressing Basin Converts Any Space Into A Salon


Transform any space into a salon. No plumbing or renovations needed!

The most innovative, highly technical, HBS portable basin with advanced features that takes your home salon to a whole new level.

HBS Basin Features

Push button on/off
Push button on/off
Ceramic basin
Ceramic basin
Portable Water & Waste
Portable Water & Waste
Chemical resistant exterior
Chemical resistant exterior
Adjustable Basin chair
Adjustable Basin chair
3 x hot water settings
3 x hot water settings
Hassle free connection
Hassle free connection
Seamless integrated system
Seamless integrated system
90L water capacity
90L water capacity
FREE shipping for preorder <
FREE shipping for preorder
Includes all taxes & fees <
Includes all taxes & fees
Preorder now available <
Preorder now available
12 months Warranty<
12 months Warranty

Pre-order before September 2021 and receive the HBS Basin chair for FREE

Frequently Asked Questions

How many clients can I rinse with the HBS portable basin?

How many clients depends on how long your rinse times are for each service.

1x 9oL = 10 services at 3 mins rinse time per service

1x 9oL = 20 services at 1.5 mins rinse time per service

1x 9oL = 40 services at 45 seconds rinse time per service (suitable for barbers/short hair clients)

The HBS portable Basin water supply should be filled at the start of the day and the waste container should be emptied after each client to ensure no over spill and manageable transfers to empty.

How does the HBS portable basin work?
  1. Fill the water supply and push into the base to connect

  2. Set the temperature of the water (low if the water is warm, high if the water is cold)
  3. Press the blue led button inside the basin sink to turn the water on and off
  4. Empty the waste tank at the end of every service

Does the HBS portable basin have hot & cold water?

Every HBS portable basin is equipped with its own instant hot water heater so you can heat from cold or maintain a temperature the entire day  with 3x heat temperature control settings – low, medium, hot.

If the cold setting is selected the basin heater will turn off and whatever the temperature of water is in the water tank will be your cold water setting.

How do I empty the waste?

To empty your grey water at the end of your service, simply lift the handle and pull out the waste tank to take it to your nearest shower drain. Release the drain valve at the bottom of the tank and you’re done!

Does the HBS portable basin come with a chair?

YES!!! When you pre-order now the HBS portable basin will include a shampoo basin chair with tilt mechanism and hydraulic lift.

HBS Basin shampoo chair will be sold separately after pre-order has ended.

How long will delivery take?

Once the product is released from pre order, please allow up to 8 weeks for delivery as we must allow for Covid 19 restriction & custom clearance delays.

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