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We make it easier for hairdressers and barbers to own their salons, forever!

We believe that every hairstylist should have the freedom to create their own success story!

Hello! I’m Rebecca, co-founder and director of Home Based Salons. The journey of our company started with a dream my partner Danny and I shared: to establish our own home-based salons. We were bursting with ideas, picturing the intimate and personalised hair care experiences we could offer in the comforting environment of a home. However, our dream was quickly met with realities that many in the industry would recognise – the costly expenses of plumbing and renovations and the frustrating limitations of a permanent salon layout because of plumbing.
Our shared dream was too precious to abandon. Instead of conceding to the hurdles, we saw them as a challenge to overcome. This challenge sparked an idea – the creation of the HBS Portable Basin. We devoted five years to meticulously design, test, and innovate our product, aiming to redefine the possibilities for aspiring home salon owners like us.
Fast-forward to today, our relentless dedication has led to the establishment of a manufacturing operation in Australia. We believe we’ve created something extraordinary – the most water-efficient salon basin in the world. Our experience of navigating through the struggles of setting up a home-based salon shaped the essence of our product, transforming a simple concept into an innovative solution that caters to real-world needs.
At Home Based Salons, our vision is to empower every hairdresser and barber. We aim for them to own their salons, to find financial stability, and enjoy a healthier work-life balance. It’s a dream that was born from our personal journey, and the HBS Portable Basin stands as a testament to our commitment to this cause.
Our journey has just begun. Danny and I invite you to join us as we continue to push boundaries, innovate, and help create a future where the dream of owning a salon is within everyone’s reach. Together, we can redefine what it means to work in the beauty industry, free from the restrictions of conventional setups.

HBS Basin makes starting your salon effortless