I’m Jess, the proud owner of J Forster Hair Design & creator of Home Salons Australia.

I started out in the hairdressing industry at the young age of 15.

Working full time as a first year apprentice. Once I qualified i went out on my own as a Mobile hairdresser and did this for several years whilst also working another full time job. Yes it was crazy busy but I was so determined to work hard and save as much money as I could for my first home.

Once I decided to start my family I opened up my very own home salon in a little tiny spare bedroom, with a portable basin. I had been on maternity leave for 8 months and really didn’t have much of a clientele. I felt confident in my hairdressing ability and Knew if I worked hard enough I could build one from nothing.

Fast forward a year or so and we moved into our second home. Where I opened up my first “proper” home salon. From here I also had another baby, went on maternity leave and came back all whilst keeping a strong and loyal clientele. Which I’m forever grateful for.

J Forster Hair Design

J Forster Hair Design @j.forsterhairdesign

I now have a fully booked salon weeks in advance with a salon assistant and love every single day that I get to spend in the salon.

Home salons Australia came about after working solo for so many years. I felt home salons weren’t taken seriously by some suppliers, reps, clients and even friends and family. Here I was making a good living and building a successful business but so many people still viewed it as a hobby. Much to my frustration and suprise.

So I set out in the hopes of supporting and promoting fellow home salons in Australia.

Little did I know how many amazing people I would meet and connect with and suddenly I was supported by incredible humans who were living the same life as me and they felt supported by me.

J Forster Hair Design

J Forster Hair Design @j.forsterhairdesign

Which lead me to becoming a mentor and mentoring sessions launched. I absolutely love this side of my career, it fits so perfectly with the creative hands on side. I love helping people succeed and seeing them prosper and flourish is everything to me

Every day I pinch myself to be able to have a career that I love but also works perfectly for my family, especially in their younger years. My business evolves as my family does and I couldn’t be more grateful for that.

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