How I Turned My Hallway into a Salon and Made $2500 a Week

In 2016, I found myself at a crossroads. After years of apprenticeship, I was finally free to pursue my dreams in the world of hairstyling. But with a limited budget and no established clientele, traditional salon options seemed out of reach. That’s when inspiration struck as I gazed down my own hallway. Its spaciousness and proximity to plumbing made it the perfect canvas for my salon dreams.

However, what seemed like a straightforward endeavour quickly turned into a plumbing nightmare. The thought of running pipes through the roof filled me with dread. But instead of giving up, I sought alternative solutions. Enter the HBS portable basin – a game-changer that eliminated the need for costly plumbing and allowed me to realise my vision without debt.

With my salon in place, it was time to focus on building my clientele. Free from the financial burden of traditional salon overheads, I could take a more relaxed approach. This flexibility not only ensured a healthy work-life balance but also allowed me to provide personalised attention to each client.

Creating my home salon taught me a valuable lesson – success as a hairstylist isn’t tied to a physical location but to the quality of service provided. Armed with this mindset, I set out to establish my pricing structure. Starting modestly, I gradually adjusted my rates to reflect the value of my growing expertise.

Central to my pricing strategy was transparency and trust. By offering comprehensive packages with no hidden costs, I fostered a sense of reliability with my clients from the outset. This approach not only streamlined the booking process but also laid the foundation for long-term relationships.

As my home salon flourished, I realised the importance of setting concrete goals. Armed with data on expenses and client preferences, I devised a plan to meet my weekly income target of $2500. By maximising my time and implementing strategic scheduling, I was able to achieve this milestone within a few months.

Sample Pricing:

Half Head of Foils: $100 (with toner: $120)
Full Head of Foils: $140 (with toner: $160)
Tint Regrowth: $100 (with ends freshened: $120)
Keratin Smoothing Treatment: $200

By strategically pricing my services and managing my time effectively, I was able to ensure that each client appointment contributed to my overarching financial goal. This disciplined approach allowed me to maintain a steady stream of income while providing exceptional service to my clients.

Looking back, I’m proud of the journey that transformed my hallway into a thriving salon. It’s a testament to the power of perseverance, creativity, and a willingness to challenge convention. And as I continue to serve my clients with passion and dedication, I’m reminded that success knows no bounds – whether it’s in a traditional salon or the comfort of my own home.

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